Scientific analysis
RenOnBill starts by analysing current OBS, examining examples of success and failure, and laying the groundwork for successful replication in Europe. Under this pillar, ReOnBill looks at OBS examples (e.g. PAYS, How$mart) in the US and other international markets, and conducts a critical analysis on previous attempts to implement such schemes in Europe (e.g. the Green Deal, SUNShINE). The consortium covers issues such as split-incentives, transferability and the corresponding data privacy issues according to the GDPR. In parallel, the market for residential building renovations is carefully examined and gauged in the four Ren-on-Bill focus countries: Germany, Italy, Lithuania, and Spain. This pillar will result in a comparative analysis to assess which OBS are reasonably replicable and which should be significantly re-designed for the EU context. The identified best practice OBS will be assessed through SWOT and barrier analyses.
Forecasting Energy Consumption in the EU Residential Sector
Financial and energy performance analysis of efficiency measures in residential buildings. A probabilistic approach
Supporting energy efficiency measures in the residential sector. The case of on-bill schemes
RenOnBill’s five pillars