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RenOnBill five pillars
RenOnBill promotes the development and implementation of on-bill schemes (OBS), to scale up investments towards deep energy renovations of residential buildings. RenOnBill focuses on five pillars: (1) scientific analysis serves to define the residential building market context, thus laying the foundation for replication in Europe. (2) Stakeholder engagement fosters cooperation among different actors to jointly develop national roadmaps for the replication of OBS in the RenOnBill in the four focus countries (Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Spain). The third pillar, (3) tool development, structures the residential sector’s energy renovation demand, by assessing risks and investments. (4) Pilots, the forth pillar test the results on the three partner utilities, for which tailored business models are developed. The last pillar, (5) related to exploitation and dissemination, ensures that the projects results reach the relevant groups and are effectively disseminated even after the end of the project.
OBS is one key innovative way of financing energy efficiency: OBS brings the up-front costs of energy efficiency upgrades down to zero by simply adding a periodical line item to a customer’s utility bill, which serves as the repayment vehicle. OBS can only be proficiently implemented if there is close cooperation between energy utilities and financial institutions. The success of the project will be a potential huge step toward reaching the European Union energy and CO 2 targets and will have an important impact on the economic system, offering a win-win perspective for different actors: companies from the construction sector and energy services, utilities, investors, and ultimately for the society as a whole.